PRO SERIES 3IN1 Ultimate Rack With Smith Machine

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Color Black
Style Front Loaded Smith Machine
Size 94" Tall

Product Overview

Prepare to be blown away by the astonishing versatility of our 3IN1 Smith Machine - it’s not just a piece of equipment, it’s a game-changer.  Being part of our PRO SERIES means this is fully commercial and built to last.

After extensive research, development, and rigorous testing of multiple prototypes, we’ve achieved perfection with our ultimate all-in-one machine - the best combination of a Half Rack, Functional Trainer, and Smith Machine

Tested and approved by multiple gym owners and personal trainers in our Los Angeles Showroom, this masterpiece is engineered to surpass expectations and built to endure, and set to redefine your fitness journey.  Moreover, we made it fully commercial with super smooth aluminum pulleys and extra-strong high tensile cables, ensuring a top-of-the-line experience. 

Note: Our Counterbalanced Front-Loaded Smith Machine has a bar that is 0 lb heavy!  This is great for either you guys who are new to the fitness realm, or for those who want to perform bar exercises that are less than 45 lb.

Accessories Included

  • Two (2) J-Cups
  • Two (2) Spotter Arms
  • One (1) Barbell Holder
  • Two (2) D-Grip Handles
  • One (1) Crossmember
  • One (1) Accessories Board
  • One (1) Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar 
  • Olympic Smith Barbell 45 lb, 700 lb with bearings OR Counterbalanced Smith Barbell 0 lb, 700 lb with bearings
  • Two (2) Front Foot Extensions


From here on out, all of our PRO SERIES 3IN1 Ultimate Rack with Smith Machine will have a curved pull-up bar, which is excellent for multiple types of strength trainings!



  • 2:1 Cable Pulley Ratio 
  • Dual integrated 200 lb weight stacks (each stack can be increased up to 250 lb with the Weight Extender Pin)
  • 33 height settings
  • Adjustable cable functional trainer
  • Upright constructed of 3"x3" frame, 11-gauge steel, and laser-cut numbering with 1" holes
  • Exterior Rack Dimensions: 52" Wide x 52" Deep x 94" Height 
  • Inner Rack Dimensions: 43” Wide x 42” Deep
  • Crossmember: 42.25" Wide
  • Front Foot Extensions: 22" Long
  • Smith Bar: 80" Wide
  • Premium Aluminum Pulley Wheels
  • Commercial grade cables 
  • Hardware included


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