Are you as pumped as we are, about Black Friday 2022??

Are you as pumped as we are, about Black Friday 2022??

With Black Friday 2022 just around the corner, it’s a great time to start looking into the types of workout equipment that you’ve been holding off on purchasing. Whether it is finally stocking up on home gym equipment, or looking into making additions to a commercial facility, spending now to save more money later is definitely the call.


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SAVE BIG THIS BLACK FRIDAY on your home or commercial gym equipment. With that in mind, here are some products we’d like to recommend.


Vesta Commercial Grade Power Racks, Half Rack, and Wall Mount Rack


Racks are definitely essential for a gym, due to the number of free weight exercises you can perform with them.

The PR1000 is the most affordable out of the three options, and is perfect for novices, while still being able to support upwards of 1000 lbs in terms of weight capacity. It’s the most standard power rack, coming with:

  •  a single pull-up bar, 
  • J-cups, and 
  • safety bars. 

And attachments and accessories can be added freely if needed, making it easily customizable with add-ons such as:  multi-grip pull-up bars, barbell holders, and more. 

The PR3000 is a full-fledged heavy-duty rack that’s capable of supporting 2000 lbs, making it the perfect balance between heavier weight exercises while still maintaining safety. Built like a tank, it’s a super solid power rack that comes with:

  • two storage shelves, 
  • layers for dumbbells and 
  • kettlebells, and 
  • one for weight plates. 

And if you want even more storage, Vesta’s HR1000 might be what you’re looking for, as it comes with 

  • plate holders and 
  • barbell holders for depositing purposes. 

It’s also the most maneuverable of the three racks, being able to be adjusted and placed anywhere in a workout space. With a smaller footprint than a standard cage, the versatility of not being bolted down makes it a convenient buy, earning its reputation as the best half rack in the market.  All three racks feature a 3x3 11 gauge-steel slotted with ⅝” holes, ensuring durability and sturdiness for users.

Vesta All-In-One Smith Machines

Smith Machines have also become a staple for commercial and home gyms alike, becoming a solid choice for all range of users. While the number of exercises you can perform with them is a bit more limited, the emphasis on posture and ease of lifting definitely makes up for it. 


  • The SM1001 is a solid choice if you’re looking to work on upper body and core strength, making it perfect for bench workouts and pull-ups. Compared to the other Smith Machines available, it features an additional pull-up bar, dip bar, and barbell holders, allowing you to expand on a myriad of upper body workouts. 
  • If you’re looking to purchase a Smith Machine with a middle lat pulldown, you’ll definitely want to turn your eyes to the SM2001 instead. 

Lastly, the SM400 is a durable, sturdy machine that offers a dual pulley system and a rotational core trainer alongside T-bar row handles. It also comes with a chest fly machine and an FID bench, so if those are things you want to pick up, this might be for you.

Vesta Workout Benches (Adjustable, FID, and Flat)

Lastly, weight benches are a vital piece of equipment in gyms, primarily used for weightlifting. They’re an extremely integral part of any serious strength training, working both the upper body and lower body depending on the exercises you choose. It’s important to pick out a weight bench that’s durable enough to support both the user and any accompanying weights, and allow workouts to go smoothly and not off-kilter. 


With that in mind, Vesta offers two different adjustable weight benches and a flat bench for selection. 

  • If you’re looking for a wider variety of exercises, an adjustable bench is likely the better pick, with the AB1000 offering six different angled positions from 0-90 degrees, allowing you to pick how far back you want to recline while working out. With an emphasis on upper body workouts targeting the back and chest, it has an upwards weight capacity of 1000 lbs and still remains portable and convenient. 

Comparatively, the AB2000 can be transformed into a fully-fledged FID bench, with more back pad adjustments and a wider range of seat pad options. If 

  • you’re looking for more versatility for a slightly higher price, it is most definitely what you’re looking for. 


If price is a big factor while still wanting to delve into seated exercises, Vesta offers a third option.

To get a sturdy bench with easier assembly, FB1000 features 3x3 11” gauge steel to prop up the seat. This bench is recommended for beginners to allow users to dip their feet into the water before deciding whether or not they want to invest in an adjustable weight bench.


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