Vesta Fitness Warranty

The Vesta Fitness Warranty is provided to the initial retail purchaser of any Vesta Fitness products. Vesta Fitness warrants that such products will be free from defects in material and workmanship when put to normal use and properly maintained for the warranty period as described below.


Warranty Period

The Warranty Period for all coverage begins from the date of purchase and will remain in place for a period of one (1) year.


What is Covered

If a defect in material or workmanship is found in any product covered by this warranty within the specified Warranty Coverage period, Vesta Fitness will reimburse/pay for the repair or replacement of the product as described in the Reimbursement provisions below, and subject to the limitations described in the Limitations of Reimbursement section of this limited warranty. Any product repaired or replaced under this warranty will only be eligible for warranty coverage for the remaining portion of the original Product's warranty period.

Warranty Reimbursement Provisions and Limitations

With respect to Vesta Fitness's obligations in response to a valid warranty claim, the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Any decision to replace the product or to provide payment for the parts and labor necessary to repair the product shall be made at the discretion of Vesta Fitness.
  2. Absent any agreement made in advance of any third party undertaking any work to repair any product, Vesta Fitness will not be responsible for any such expenses or costs.
  3. In all cases, Vesta Fitness shall make the final determination as to the appropriate reimbursement for any warranty claim.


Warranty Exclusions

The Warranty shall not extend to any product that has been subjected to the following:

  • accident, damage, negligence, abuse or misuse
  • improper assembly, installation and/or maintenance (if applicable),
  • abnormal operating conditions
  • alteration or modification
  • a purpose or application in any way different from that for which it was designed
  • General wear of a Product due to normal use is to be expected and does not give rise to any warranty claim


No Modification, Extension, or Transfer of Warranty

The Vesta Fitness Warranty is limited to the written terms as expressed in this document. Vesta Fitness does not authorize anyone to change or extend the terms of this limited warranty in any manner. The Warranty is not transferable to subsequent Product owners or users - or otherwise available to anyone other than the original retail purchaser that acquired the Product directly from Vesta Fitness.


To Report A Claim

If you have a claim related to a product covered by this warranty, please complete a warranty claim by clicking here.